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About Coolbox

Danish Design and Handcraft

Coolbox A/S has specialized in customizing thermo boxes, to the online grocery store industry and the festival industry. Coolbox thermo boxes are made with pride and joy, and quality is all that matters to Coolbox. Like all other great companies, Peter Mailund started Coolbox A/S in his garage, by making hundreds of prototypes, until he finally found the key to a perfect thermo box. Among other things, Coolbox A/S has achieved to build the fastest cooling thermo box, ever made. That’s the box Coolbox sell to the festival industry all over the globe.

Coolbox A/S has a lot partnerships with only the best companies, and the material Coolbox use to create our boxes, is 100 % environmental friendly. Coolbox A/S care about quality, happy customers and the environment.

Coolbox Development ApS is a 100 % danish private owned company, established in 2014. Coolbox A/S, a subsidiary of Coolbox Development ApS, was established in 2015.

Peter Mailund is the man behind the ideers of the Coolbox ApS’ products. In the summer of 2009 the ideer of Coolbox was born. Peter was sitting at the camp at DHB (Denmarks quickest car) and was trying to find a way to cool his drinks.
The first model, was build out of a flamingo box with copper pipes, some cooling liquid and some beer that needed to be cooled down. The problem was that the beer froze before it got to the other end of the copper pipe. So the ideer went back to the drawingboard.

Since 2009 Peter worked on the ideer, with help from some friends. Never realy got any where before he teamed up with Steen Zoega Rasmusssen. The two Entrepreneurs quickly found each others strengths. Peter showed the ideer to Steen, and from that day, it all began to take shape.

The ideer was not only to create a cooler for fast cooling of drinks, but a box that works for days without any electrical power. The Coolbox chills drinks super quickly, and has a compartment to store food at refrigerator temperatures. It´s ideal for festivals, forrest/beachtrips, and camping and all outdoor activities where you have no electrical power.

Version 3

In June 2016, Coolbox A/S launched a new version of Coolbox, version 3, which is more user friendly with plugs in the side that can be locked, better insulation due to the lid closes more tightly etc. As a new innovation, both version 2 and 3 also can be used with cooling elements, as shown in the middle picture below.


Pictures of Coolbox version 3.

Version 2

Version 2 of the Coolbox, was available in the summer of 2015. The new Coolbox is more handy, quicker, made in a better and more robust material, cool design, more storage space and of course a shoulder strap.

Becourse of Coolbox´s innovative cooling technology and design, we have been asked to design and invent coolboxes for other companies. Coolbox is beeing presented in countries around Europe and the US in the summer of 2016.


Pictures of Coolbox version 2.


Pictures of Coolbox version 1.


Coolbox – the environmentally correct choice for chilling drinks (check the Coolbox’s CSR).