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It's a patented system in order to cool drinks in a fast and safe way that can be used in situations where there is no access to electricity or/and there is a need for fast cooling. It's uses Dry Ice, Ice or Cooling Elements.

Coolbox has been a big success at european musicfestivals. Its smart, effectiv and fast - and can cool a lot of beverages in a short time:
Coolbox kolde drikke and and it also keeps them cold for a long time.

An experiment from a danish music festival found that a camp of 10 people had cooled 240 cans of beverage in one day with an outside temperature up to 30℃ (86℉).

Contact us if you want a Coolbox - or just want to hear more.

Coolbox Smart App

Coolbox kolde drikke på din smartphone
Our app keep an eye on your Coolbox and tells you when your cold drinks are ready. Sent a text with COOL to 445 or scan the QR-code - and download the app. The app is both on Google Play and Apple App Store. Look for further details here.

Coolbox is growing

Coolbox is growing and therefore we seek distributionspartners to share our fantastic product and grow our business further. If you want to be a partner in this great journey - contact us - and look for further information here.

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